TitanTrade Broker Review

TitanTrade Broker Review
Markus Silvester
This broker was proven to be a scam and this is why FBO blacklisted them. Read more about the scam here.
This broker was proven to be a scam and this is why FBO blacklisted them. Read more about the scam here.
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  1. TitanTrade Broker review

    This broker was proven to be a scam and this is why FBO blacklisted them. Read more about the scam here.

  2. TitanTrade Special features

    Types of accounts on TitanTrade are:

    TitanTrade Micro/Test Account (minimum deposit 500 USD) which offers a simple way for beginners to find their way around the platform . Its an low-risk account offering full access to the platform, 20% bonus on the first deposit, a meeting with a personal broker, access to Daily TitanTrade Review of the market and a copy of TitanTrade E-book.

    TitanTrade Classic Account (Minimum Deposit 1.000-2.500 USD), in addition to all the perks of the Micro/Test Account, also offers personal brokerage services with 2 daily trading tips, 30% bonus on the first deposit and education on investment analysis, support and resistance levels.

    TitanTrade Premium Trading Account (Minimum Deposit 2.500-5.000 USD) adds on all the benefits of the Classical account with benefits such as one risk trade, advanced TitanTrade trading assistance and 5 daily tips, 40% welcome bonus on the first deposit and full access to Binary Options Strategy Guides which make trading decisions easier.

    TitanTrade Platinum Trading Account (Minimum Deposit 5.000-10.000 USD) expands on Premium Account benefits by adding 24/5 access to the brokerage department, 50% bonus on the first deposit, additional education on RSI and moving average and TitanTrade review of the market, distributed via email and SMS.

    VIP trading Account (Minimum Deposit 10.000+ USD) lets users leverage the assistance of the brokerage and offers the widest access to trading possibilities and client services. It also includes 75% first deposit bonus, VIP TitanTrade Review of the day, via email, SMS and push notifications, VIP risk management portfolio and VIP Brokerage Personal services and a tailored VIP financial portfolio.

    A wide selection of accounts at TitanTrade makes it easier for users to tailor their trading preferences in a way that leaves them focused on the profit making trades.

  3. Your capital is at risk

    TitanTrade Trading software

    TitanTrade shows that simple binary option trading can be fun as well as lucrative. Using advanced trading tool, TitanTrade offers not just simple binary options moves, but also a different trading modes – anywhere and anytime. In our effort to write a complete TitanTrade review we had a great time using this binary trading feature.

    Binary option trading is the most easy and accessible trading form enabling beginners to actively become familiar with the world of binary options and the possibilities it offers.

    Other modes of trading on the platform are:

    – TitanTrade LongTerm which enables entering positions with a longer time frame, expiring at the end of a month or even after a year;

    – 30/60/120 is a possibility for clients who value a more dynamic approach letting them make trades every minute;

    – One Touch is an all-or-nothing trading experience. You either stand to win the entire payout (up to 500%) or lose the amount you invested;

    – Pairs lets users make trades based on their expectations of the relative performance of different assets. We always like to use Pairs so we relied on them heavily during the TitanTrade review.

    Additional features offered are Rollover, Double Up and Buy Me Out . They enable before expiration adjustments in order to maximize users returns.

    Trading modes and additional features enable users to use the platform in a way that suits their trading style best. User friendly UI and navigation are field where TitanTrade shines. The TitanTrade software doesn’t require installation and is accessible from browser. Website is simple, uncluttered and straightforward and thats what we loved with TitanTrade review. It has a great color scheme that makes everything more visible and accessible. Live price chart keeps traders up-to-date for a faster and more effective decision making.

    24/7 trading, at any time and any place will soon be enhanced with a mobile app, even for trading on-the-go.

    Assets that can be traded on the platform are stocks, indicies, commodities and currencies.

  4. TitanTrade Support information

    TitanTrade has a Trading Academy, which, depending on account type, offers access to various informative and educational materials. Beginner traders can benefit from the TitanTrade ebook on trading while advanced traders will seek advanced investment analysis advice and tips and tricks.

    Website itself offers video tutorials, access to different trading strategies, step by step trading guide, Monthly Strategy Guides, Personal Guidance in investment Portfolio, Investment Risk Portfolio assistance and other services we found useful in TitanTrade review. Trading is risky and TitanTrade is doing a lot of work to educate its users to be more succesful.

    Customer Support staff is available 24/7 via email. There is also a Live Chat or phone assistance option. We always check for this we write the TitanTrade review.

  5. TitanTrade Payment Methods

    In order to make deposits, users can use any major credit or debit card open for international use and online transactions or via wire transfers. Wire transfer can take up to 5 days, but there are ways to speed the process by sending SWIFT Confirmation Receipt, while credit/deposit card accounts are updated immediately. Currencies accepted are USD, EUR or GBP. EUR was used with TitanTrade review.

    Depositing and managing funds is easy due to aforementioned simple user interface. Minimum deposit is 250 USD and minimum trade is 5USD (in 30/60/120, its 25USD in other modes) which leaves a lot of room for all trading styles. Maximum trade is 2.500 USD. All profits made are wired promptly to the users bank account.

    Minimum withdrawal is 100 (unless less is available and its a last withdrawal) which is low enough for customers to get easier access to their funds. There is no fee for credit/debit card withdrawal. Withdrawals can be only be done by the same method used to deposit the funds.

    Withdrawal policy on TitanTrade is flexible and fast. All transfers are SSL encrypted insuring secure and reliable flow of funds. For best account protection its best to change the default assigned password, received via email after registration. Overall we can say it was a great experience making this exclusive TitanTrade review.

  6. Your capital is at risk
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