Binary Options Brokers With the SpotOption Trading Platform

spot option logo fboToday is more than ever important for brokers to have reliable and safe trading platform. We use term platform and software interchangeably. A platform is a virtual place where all trades take place and it is the interface that enables trader to place those trades. Users use their accounts, deposits and withdrawals are made trough this integrated software solution. Knowing that binary options trades are placed extremely fast, it is even easier to understand why the platform must be technically advanced and up to date. The platform must also have a user friendly design and enable safe money transfer. SpotOption is a company established in 2010. Their platform carries the same name and is the platform of choice for many of the best brokers.

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About SpotOption

fair binary options software platforms spotoptionSpotOption is a financial company that created one of the most popular software in the binary options industry. They provide platforms for over 250 brands worldwide and generate over 500,000 transactions a day. SpotOption offers reliable technical service for trading while brokers can take care of customer’s satisfaction, without worrying about the technical aspect of trading.

The platform is created with users in mind in order to provide the best trading experience possible. It offers a variety of solutions for back office and front office management and their vast knowledge gives them the opportunity to create platform every trader wants and needs. This puts brokers into a great position as they can fulfill all users’ wishes. Find out more info on how to find a good broker.

Sometimes traders aren’t aware of the influence that platform has on their trading experience. Imagine trading with a slow platform, where every step lasts an eternity and trades can’t be properly executed while having problems with banking transactions simply because it’s not innovative and in synergy with modern technology? Something like that cannot happen with SpotOption brokers.

SpotOption Features

SpotOption platform offers great front end solutions that provide all important elements that traders appreciate. Users will be happy to know that SpotOption platform is web-based so there is no need for downloading and traders get all important charts and graphs that help them with trading. Such useful tools are always a great feature as they make trading much easier.

Mobile Trading & Option Builder

spotoption2SpotOption brokers usually have mobile version available as well. Since our lives changed compared to only few years ago, as to day we are more and more on the go and using smartphones for all our services, mobile platform is a great addition. The interface is well designed and easily navigated. Here you can find out more about technical aspect of SpotOption platform.

Most brokers who use services of SpotOption take advantage of their Option Builder tool. Option builder is a tool that is used to completely customize their trades. Users can set their expiry time and decide how many risk are they willing to take, depending on what type of trader they are: risky or conservative. Customized trades are becoming more and more popular, as traders more than ever want to determine the conditions of trading.

OneTouch, 60seconds, Pairs & Ladder

SpotOption platform makes trading with most popular options possible. One of the favorites is OneTouch, where the price has to achieved entered price only once in defined time period in order for trader to win money. This option is quite popular thanks to high payouts, but requires some experience as trader has to predict not only the direction, but a price point as well. 60 seconds trading enables fast and dynamic trading within 60 seconds or less, and pairs enable trader to compare two different assets and trade against each other. Ladder trades give trader the opportunity to choose various positions with various payouts attached to them. It is adapted for Japanese market as well.  Read more information on pairs and ladder read our article.

Risk Management Tools and Social Trading Work Great on SpotOption

Besides interesting options, SpotOption platform provides advanced tools as well that can help traders in executing trades. Among them are Roll-Over, Double Up and Sell. Roll-Over is a feature that makes delaying expiry time possible, and Double Up lets trader to recreate the same position with new market conditions. Sell feature enables selling the trade back to the broker for smaller, immediate payout in return.

Traders can also enjoy in Spot Follow, an amazing tool that allows them to follow successful traders and copy their trades, or SpotWiz, first automated algo-trading system in which traders create their own strategies. Users who want to continue trading beyond working hours, can do so with help from TradeOn!, feature that prolongates the trading time.

Real-time reports, top connectivity, profit maximizing features, great variety of trading options, feeds and data streams, and simple but yet well-designed interface make trading more interesting and dynamic as even the smallest changes are noticeable in no time. Whether we talk about login buttons, control panel, banking transactions or various tools, one thing is sure – SpotOption platform has many features for binary options trading that could be useful for traders.

This platform is dedicated to innovation, so traders can be sure they will be the first to experience all new and exciting variations in binary options trading.

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