StockPair Minimum Deposit

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  • Max. Bonus $20,000
  • Max. Returns 85%
  • Min. Investment $20
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  1. StockPair provides trading bonuses for individuals who deposit for the first time. The minimum deposit required is $200 and there are different deposit options that traders can choose from such as bank wire transfer, credit care, and Moneybookers. If traders face any problems when they’re making a deposit, all they have to do is contact customer service and they will be able to sort the problem about quickly.

    When traders make the minimum deposit, they aren’t going to be able to trade with money management that is less than about 10% of their capital per position. This is why it is recommended that traders make a deposit that is larger because this is going to also enable them to enjoy a 50% bonus instead of only 20%.

    stockpair deposit

    The process to deposit the money is very simple and won’t take a long time. However, due to StockPair caring greatly about the safety of their system and traders, there will be different security checks that have to be made. Even though this can be a bit frustrating for many people, the security check process is very simple.

    This is definitely better than an easy deposit system that is not secure at all. The most important thing is for traders to deposit money with an account that is in their name. It is preferred that the same account should be used to withdraw money as well to avoid any type of delays.

    StockPair App

    The StockPair mobile application is very fast and has an auto update system that enables traders to continuously receive updates any time they want. There is a large bandwidth that is allowed for every trader to ensure that the application will stay fast all the time. This means that traders are able to download and use it no matter what the storage of the phone is.

    One of the main benefits of using StockPair’s mobile application is that it is extremely safe and this is something that is very important, especially that most mobile applications these days aren’t secure. There is an application for smartphones and another one for Blackberries which means that it is always viable.

    Another great thing about using the application is that it enables checking of updates no matter where or when it is. Internet connection or wi-fi service is required for connecting and receiving updates. Just like their trading platform, the mobile application is very easy to use and it won’t take a lot of time to get used to it.

    In addition, StockPair provides customer service and assistance for any trader out there who is having problems in downloading the application or using it. This just proves again how much StockPair care a lot about their customers who utilize their services and want to make sure that they provide them with as much assistance as possible.

    pair options

    StockPair Bonus

    StockPair provides traders with a lot more than a high quality trading platform, but they also offer them bonuses they can receive when making their first deposit. Currently, traders can receive a 100% bonus when their deposit is over $500. This is definitely going to give traders a lot more money they can trade with.

    The bonus is definitely beneficial for traders who are on a tight budget. In addition, it can be used so traders don’t lose their own money and gain a bit more experience when they’re trading their initial deposit. Every trader is going to receive a bonus as long as StockPair receives their initial deposit.

    Other than the outstanding bonus, they also offer their traders with a no restriction promotion and a stop loss/take profit as an addition incentive to trade with their system. They provide a volume cash back to their traders.

    Right now, the main promotion bonus available is the 100% bonus on bonuses that are above $500. This is definitely one of the best bonuses they have because it enables traders to take advantage of the initial deposit they make and even more money that they can use.

    StockPair Minimum Trade

    Just like at other online brokers out there, there is a minimum trade that is required to be able to use the services of StockPair.The distinguishing characteristic of the trading platform is that it is very easy to use and operate. Also, there are numerous graphs on display that traders can use to understand the improvements and fall backs taking place in the stock market.

    Trading is all about understanding trends of assets or indices. If traders are able to understand the potential move of assets they’re interested in, then they will be able to make a lot of profits. Also, traders must know about the risks involved. Even though there isn’t a complete guarantee about the risks involved, StockPair provides one of the best customer services out there and they try to assist traders as much as possible.

    The trading platform layout of StockPair is clearer and a lot easier for traders to understand. Pairs are demonstrated as an asset versus a second asset. Traders will be able see both of the asset’s price and they’re expressed on a single chart with two independent lines. Therefore, traders will be able to understand a lot of aspects related with their trade before it takes place.

    pair options

    StockPair Signals

    There is a very strong demand for accurate and credible signals, especially when it comes to binary options trading. This is why StockPair tries as much as possible to provide traders with accurate signals. Signals related to binary options can assist traders in making informed decisions and informed predictions and increase their winning. This is why StockPair ensures that all their traders understand the way binary options signals work.

    These signals also assist traders in predicting trends that are going to take place in the future. For example, if the trends demonstrate that assets are performing in a consist manner about a certain price, then will lead to traders select favorable times of expiry and making investment based on what these signals indicated.

    StockPair provides traders with binary options signals and they have been reviewed numerous times by financial experts. Even though it could be tempting to take action on every signal, it is completely up to binary options traders to carefully analyze the signals that represent lucrative opportunities. In addition, it is essential to understand that it isn’t guaranteed at all that signals will generate the predicted profits. However, they can definitely decrease risk and enhance the possibilities of receiving payoffs during binary options trading.

    StockPair Strategy

    The main strategy that StockPair follows is providing high-quality services features and services to customers. They provide various assets that traders can select from with a special focus on stock markets. Whether traders are interested in commodities, indices, stocks, or even currencies, they are going to find it with StockPair.

    All of this is going to provide traders with the opportunity to utilize their knowledge and invest in the stocks or options they like.

    There are various assets and strategies that StockPair can take advantage of. If traders face any problems with a specific trade, they can easily contact the customer service department and they will receive all the assistance they need. Even though all these different strategies can seem confusing in the beginning, this is completely normal and traders will be able to understand everything after they use the demo account provided by StockPair. The demo account is very useful because it enables traders to understand what it is like to trade with real money and become familiar with aspects such as expiry times.

    pair options

    StockPair Trading Options

    StockPair is known for its intuitive and easy to use platform. Using the platform, traders can select stocks from a huge list of stock pairs or binary options from a menu. When a pair or option is chosen, traders can invest an amount of $20 to $6000. Traders who use StockPair can select to trade from six stock exchanges found in America, Europe, or Australia.

    They will also be able to choose from a variety of current pairs like EUR/USD and USD/CHF. Traders can see the changes taking place live or can perform other activities while they are waiting for the time to expire. StockPair provides two different types of pair options which are:

    • Fixed pair options: – This involves traders betting on one asset’s performance relative to a different asset. The performance of the stock is determined based on its performance from the time it was purchased to the time it expires. If the selection is correct, then traders are going to receive a payout worth 82%. One of the main advantages of opting for this type of options is that traders won’t have to worry about general movements taking place in the market.
    • Floating pair options: – The performance of stocks is determined based on their performance during a predefined time frame. This could be a day, week, or month. Traders are going to see the value of the payout in percentage when the option expires.

    StockPair recognized that traders are different and have their own individual trading style. This is why they provide traders with four various account options. Every account type has its own requirement for minimum deposit. One of the best thing about the accounts of stockpair is that once the requirement for minimum deposit is reached for the account, it will automatically be upgraded.