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Binary Options Robot September Results: Infographics

Binary Options Robot September Results: Infographics

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BOR FBO September results

Robot September Results Analysis

Fair Binary Options tries to track Binary Options Robot results from month to month in order to provide our readers with the most up to date information on this great auto trading software. This month we decided not to cover Mircea’s results but to put the only ProTrader lady in the spotlight. Binary Options Robot September results infographic will be focusing on the trading profile of ProTrader Katrina. We took a look at her asset allocation, maturity preference and win rate in order to give you some hints how you can set your settings in case you are VIP account holder to make the most of Binary Options Robot.

Binary Option Robot Asset Allocation

If you take a look at the asset allocation chart in the infographic above, it is easy to notice the portfolio is balanced between currencies, however, Katrina as Mircea, is primarily currency trader and with the preference for fundamental analysis, she generally avoided being too exposed to commodities and S&P 500 Futures. This is probably played to her favor since in the last few months we have seen global commodity markets slump as oil lead the charge. A similar thing happened with stocks. Currencies seemed to be the way to go and Katrina capitalized on her experience in the currency market to reach amazing 71% win rate in September.

Binary Options Robot Pro Trader Katrina Best Picks

Looking at the most successful pairs, it is easy to get a sense of what would work better than something else when controlling the portfolio from the Binary Options Robot dashboard. Traders can even without the VIP account set their preferred trading assets. By knowing which assets ProTraders get the best results, traders can use the asset control panel to adjust the trading portfolio in the direction of better returns.

How To Optimize Your Portfolio?

With ProTrader Katrina, this means that assets that would definitely be “on” are EURUSD, USDJPY, and EURAUD. This is a great insight for all traders who preferred to make small or big changes in the way ProTraders set the portfolio. We have selected these, among other currency pairs and deselected oil and gold which performed well.

binary option robot vip assets

In order to get to choose which ProTrader will trade on your behalf, sign up with Binary Options Robot, deposit and ask the support for the VIP Account!

Binary Options Robot – Focus on the Long-term

Binary Options Robot ProTrader Katrina was more successful when generating long-term binary options signals. The win rate for longer maturities was 75% while the win rate for short-term binary options was 65%. Overall the portfolio was 60% long-term signals which raised the overall win rate to 72%, as mentioned. This means that we may try to optimize portfolio based on this data by switching off short term trades and focus on two prevailing maturities – end of month and end of the week. By switching off short-term signals and selecting only Katrina as our ProTrader, as shown in the picture below, we are trying to get even more out of our binary auto trading system.

binary option robot vip

This optimization will work if some of our assumptions about the way Katrina reads the market hold. we rely on her expertise, but we are keeping in mind that past performance does not have to be continued in the future. This is the risk that financial markets inherently possess. However, when it is impossible to beat the market, it is better to do our best to optimize portfolios and squeeze additional returns where possible. We hope our reports and infographics can help you with this.

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